Saturday 13th April 2013


A Ballet for Children

Northern Ballet is one of the UK's premier ballet companies. Ugly Duckling is their first ballet especially for children and is the perfect opportunity to introduce your little ones to the magic of live ballet, music and theatre.

A poor duckling is lonely and fed-up, shunned by those around her who see her as too ugly to fit in. Fluffy, ragged and nothing like the other ducklings around her, Ugly struggles to fit in. She tries to make friends with fellow ducklings as well as with frogs, cats and even a fox, but realising she is not like any of these animals, she is left sad and alone. Follow the duckling on her journey as she overcomes her troubles and turns into a beautiful swan, beginning a happy new life.

The first performances of Ugly Duckling in Leeds were a sell-out success, so don’t miss the opportunity see this adorable production this spring.

These child friendly performances are just 45 minutes long.

£5 adults/ £4 children
Saturday 13 April- 2pm
Saturday 13 April- 4pm
Saturday 13 April - 6.30pm