Creative Soup – Pitch Page

We’re hosting our first ever Creative Soup.


What is a Creative Soup?

It’s a gathering of people who get together and discuss creative ideas they have. We want to help as many people as possible realise their creative idea, but each idea might be really different to the next – so what you end up with is one big melting pot of ideas all thrown together … a bit like when you make a soup!


What are you offering?

We’re offering you the opportunity to pitch your creative idea in order to secure a micro grant of between £100 and £500 to get the idea off the ground.


Who can pitch an idea?

Anybody can pitch an idea. You might be a community group that wants to try something new, or an artist that has a new idea to work with the local community. You might have always been creative – or this might be entirely new to you. All are welcome.

All we ask is that the idea is open to adults in our community to experience and enjoy (we work with children and young people in other ways, and so this Creative Soup is aimed at adults). This means that your idea must take place in Goole – we expect most activity to take place at Junction – and be open to anyone to attend.


Can you give me some examples?

Yes – you might be a Goole-based community group that normally plays sport, but you want to try something creative (like art classes or dance lessons). You can pitch your idea and may need to use the micro-grant (between £100 and £500) to cover the cost of a tutor who has skills to teach beginners classes.

Or, you might be a local artist (based within the East Riding of the surrounding area) who wants to deliver a masterclass in a strand of the performing or visual arts to Junction’s audiences/participants, but need to use the micro-commission to pay for your time.

Perhaps you’re a musician who wants to record a first album and perform it at a launch party at Junction. The micro-commission could support your recording fees and pay for your time performing here.


Do I need to pay the cost of hiring space at Junction or pay for Junction’s staff to work on my idea?

No. As well as up to £500 to support your idea, Junction will provide the room hire you require, and any staff you might need from our team – this includes Front of House staff and, if required, a technician. However, any specialist support will need to paid for through the micro-grant. We also expect artists to be paid a fair rate for their time – if you’re wondering what a fair rate is, you can discuss that with us.


How do I pitch? 

Fill in the form below that introduces us to your idea. We’ll then invite the best ideas to pitch in person at Junction on Thu 25 January, 6pm – 8pm. Think of this in person pitch as a really friendly (honest!) Dragon’s Den – we’ll ask you to tell us more about your project, which you’ll be pitching to members of the community and staff at Junction. Members of the community will then have a token to vote for the ideas they like the most … the ideas with the most tokens will then be awarded the commission.


How many ideas will you support?

As many as possible. We have up to £2,500 to support micro-commissions. This is funded through our status as a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England and with additional support from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


I don’t want to pitch an idea, but I do want to come along and vote for my favourite ideas – can I do that?

Absolutely, anyone can join the Creative Soup to hear about the ideas pitched and vote for their favourite. There’s no need to book – just turn up and enjoy the event!