Still from animated movie. Passepartout (a marmoset) is sat in an old train carriage opposite a toad wearing a red hat, red jumper and flowery dress. The toad is reading a book. Between the two the train carriage window can be seen. On the other side of the window Phileas Frog (a frog) is holding on for dear life!

Around the World in 80 Days

25th September

Sat 25 Sep, 10.30am //
Sat 25 Sep, 2pm //

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Passepartout, a naive but lively monkey, has always dreamed of going on an adventure. His dream comes true in the form of the greedy Phileas Frog, who takes on a massive bet to win 10 million clams. In a crazy race against the clock, the duo set out to travel around the planet in just 80 days.

From burning deserts to mysterious jungles, intrepid princesses to volcano-worshipping locusts, Passepartout will discover how vast, wonderful and insane the world is.

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Ticket info: £7 // £21 for 4 tickets

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Running Time

1hr 22m