That Good Night (12A)

13th June - 14th June
Weds 2pm & 7.30pm; Thurs, 7.30pm

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In sun-drenched Portugal, Ralph, a once famous writer is in his seventies and terminally ill. He has two remaining missions missions in life: to be reconciled with his estranged son, Michael, and secretly, to ensure that he is not a burden to his devoted wife, Anna. Hiring the services of a mysterious “Visitor” who guides him to find new meaning in his life, Ralph looks set to ruin all hope of reconciliation when he picks a fight with Michael’s girlfriend. Based on the stage play by NJ Crisp and inspired by the poem by Dylan Thomas, this is John Hurt’s last leading role.

Directed by: Eric Styles

Starring: John Hurt, Charles Dance, Sofia Helin, Max Brown, Erin Richards



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Running Time

92 mins

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