Insight Out Documentary (PG) with Jade Shaw Q+A

23rd November

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Characters from our favourite shows often use Out of Body Experiences to see people and places beyond the physical body…but is it just science fiction? After a powerful Out of Body Experience that transformed her life, Jade Shaw left a career in the arts to explore the phenomena. Her quest for answers took her around the world, where she interviewed experts including neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, former NASA physicist Tom Campbell and Mexican Shaman Sergio Magana, to find out if human consciousness can really expand beyond the brain? Join Jade after the film for Q+A discussion to explore the potential of your own mind.

Featuring: Dr Eban Alexander, Dr Tom Campbell, Dr Peter Fenwick, Sergio Magana, William Buhlman, Charlie Morley, Dr Penny Sartori, Dr Susan Blackmore, Dr Steve Taylor, Dr David Luke, Anthony Peake, Graham Nicholls, Rodrigo Montenegro, Tim Freke



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Running Time

54 mins + Q+A

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