IOU Storytelling Bus Workshop

7th September
11.30am & 2pm

Join IOU for a creative workshop, to write and record your story inspired by a place, building or memory of Goole. A selection of recorded stories will be played on IOU’s The Storytelling Bus as part of Junction’s 10th Birthday celebrations in November.

Supported by IOU artists Kirsty Taylor and Loui Binns, you will write your personal stories of Goole, and then use IOU’s sound booth to produce an audio recording of your writing. Selected stories from the workshop will be used to create a soundtrack for The Storytelling Bus – an alternative sightseeing journey totally unique to Goole. Previous themes for the Storytelling Bus workshops include identity, place, recollection and friendship. We want to inspire people to think about their life in Goole and tell their story.

Running time approximately 2 hours. For more information on how to register, please contact

Ticket Prices

Ticket info: £FREE (advance registration required)