CANCELLED – Silent Uproar: Thank You For Doing Nothing

24th April

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This event has been cancelled following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Following their critically acclaimed A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad), multi-award-winning Silent Uproar are back with a hilarious show about the climate emergency and the men who profit from it, filled with spin doctors, dancing grannies and supernatural capitalists. Inspired by 80s Sci-Fi, satirical comedy and sobering climate change research this is perfect for fans of Bladerunner, American Psycho and musicals with a political edge.

In the near future so called ‘global warming’ has apparently affected most of Britannia’s drinking water – if you want to believe the opinions of 99% of experts and their so called ‘science’. But fear not; our hero Molly, lobbyist for the Big Water Corporation, is here to tell you that everything is fine: don’t worry about the colour of your tap water, there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest it’s what’s making your kids ill. When evil environmentalists try and push through a clean water bill, Molly will be forced to SAVE THE DAY and take down this ridiculous notion that water is a basic human right.

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