Wolfwalkers (PG)

19th June
Sat 12 June, 10.30am | Sat 19 June, 2pm

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A young hunter journeys with her dad to wipe out the last wolf pack in Ireland. But everything changes when she befriends a free-spirited girl from a mysterious tribe rumoured to have the ability to transform into wolves by night. Their friendship blossoms, and is soon tested, when the lives of the wolves and wolfwalkers are threatened by invaders. In a time of superstition and magic, the forbidden lands outside the city walls hold the secret of an enchanted world.

The Bafta and Oscar nominated film is a magical, exciting adventure tale with beautifully hand-drawn animation from the studio behind Sound of the Sea.

If you liked: Sound of the Sea, Secret of the Kells, Brave, Kubo & the Two Strings

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Running Time: 1hour 43minutes

Directors: Tom Moore and Ross Stewart

Cast: (voices) Sean Bean, Tommy Tiernan, Maria Doyle Kennedy

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Running Time

103 mins

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“an exquisite Irish animation masterpiece”
- The Guardian