We’re hosting our first ever Creative Soup.

A gathering of people who get together and discuss creative ideas they have. We want to help as many people as possible realise their creative idea, but each idea might be really different to the next – so what you end up with is one big melting pot of ideas all thrown together … a bit like when you make a soup!

In this discussion, you – the audience – get to hear about the ideas and then vote for your favourites which will be funded by Junction to become a reality.

We have no clue what ideas might be presented – all we know is that each one will be creative, involve creativity, and be focussed at attracting adults from Goole and the surrounding areas as either audiences or participants.

When all ideas are presented you’ll be able to vote for your favourites – those that win will then be funded by Junction.


Event Artform: Event
Price: FREE
Date: Thu 25 Jan
Duration: 2hr
Supported By: Arts Council England and East Riding of Yorkshire Council

This sounds amazing – how do I pitch a creative idea?

Micro grants are available for Creative Ideas between £100 & £500…

If you’re looking to pitch an idea – head over to our “pitch page” to find out more (click this link).

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Thu 25 Jan 2024
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