Masterclass: Acting 101

Come and master the art of acting.

The basics of acting and modern “method” techniques, participants will learn about objectives and tactics before applying these skills in performance. Use the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavski (the father of method acting) participants will gain skills in breaking down a scene, connecting with an acting partner, and raising the stakes for dramatic tension.


Event Artform: Workshop
Price: £7.00 | 2 for £10
Date: Tue 20 Jun
Duration: 1hr
Useful Information:

This masterclass includes 2 workshops designed for adults only (18+). Each workshop will be 1 hour long.

To get the most from the masterclass, we advise booking on to both workshops. However, we recognise that’s not always possible – so you can just book for one (£7 for one, £10 for 2).

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Tue 20 Jun 2023
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