Welcome to Junction – a busy, vibrant and multi-award winning theatre, cinema, café bar and workshop in the heart of East Yorkshire. Those of you who have visited Junction before will be more than familiar with who we are and what we have to offer. For those who are new to the venue, new to the town or even new to the arts, we hope you will find all the information you need here on the website. We take pride in our efforts to offer something for everyone in the local community, and we invite you to browse our live events, films and workshops, pick something you like the look of and give it a go. Our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you to Junction very soon…

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Friday 30th January 2015 - Saturday 31st January 2015

After reclaiming his ancestral home, Thorin becomes obsessed with his treasure, ignoring Bilbo’s advice and the threat from Smaug, who vows to rain his fiery wrath upon the people of Lake Town. And unseen by all, the great enemy Sauron sends forth hordes of Orcs to attack the Lonely Mountain. As...

£5.50/£4/£15 family
Friday 30 January, 6pm
Saturday 31 January, 2pm & 6pm
Friday 6th February 2015

Join this hugely popular quartet for an inspired concert in the time-honoured spirit of 1930s club swing classics. All four members have a detailed understanding of gypsy jazz traditions. They bring their own versatility and swing to create a big sound with incidental entertainment from bassist...

Friday 6 February, 8pm
Saturday 7th February 2015

A fresh, musical retelling of Peter Pan. It’s five minutes until closing time at Tesco and A Level student and cashier Wendy Darling takes us into the timeless story of Peter Pan. Throw in a misunderstood Captain Hook, a hot guitarist Peter Pan, a Tinker Bell straight out of ‘TOWIE’ and a...

£10/£8 (Children £5)
Saturday 7 February, 7.30pm
Wednesday 11th February 2015

Summer 1914. In order to dedicate themselves to a life of study, the King and his friends take an oath to avoid the company of women for three years. No sooner have they made their idealistic pledge than the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting arrive, presenting the men with a severe...

Wednesday 11 February 2015, 7pm
Friday 13th February 2015 - Thursday 19th February 2015

Adapted from the popular Stephen Sondheim musical, Into the Woods is a contemporary twist of the beloved fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.

After being cursed by the witch who lives next door, a baker and his wife connect with a host of favourite fairy tale characters from Cinderella,...

£5.50/£4/£15 family
Friday 13 February, 5.30pm
Saturday 14 February, 2pm & 5.30pm
Tuesday 17 February, 2pm
Wednesday 18 February, 11am
Thursday 19 February, 2pm
Wednesday 18th February 2015

Robert Louis Stevenson’s story of murder, money and mutiny is brought to life in a thrilling new stage adaptation by Bryony Lavery, broadcast live from the National Theatre.

It’s a dark, stormy night. The stars are out. Jim, the inn-keeper’s granddaughter, opens the door to a terrifying...

£10/£5 children
Wednesday 18th February 2015

Our regular music event which encourages young people who sing or play an instrument to come along and perform. If you are 18 or under and want to join in, just bring your instrument and turn up on the night.

Wednesday 18 February