Welcome to Junction – a busy, vibrant and multi-award winning theatre, cinema, café bar and workshop in the heart of East Yorkshire. Those of you who have visited Junction before will be more than familiar with who we are and what we have to offer. For those who are new to the venue, new to the town or even new to the arts, we hope you will find all the information you need here on the website. We take pride in our efforts to offer something for everyone in the local community, and we invite you to browse our live events, films and workshops, pick something you like the look of and give it a go. Our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you to Junction very soon…

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Friday 18th April 2014 - Thursday 24th April 2014

Animated adventure about a time-travelling dog and his adopted son. 

Mr. Peabody is a genius who also happens to be a dog! Using his most ingenious invention, the WABAC machine, he and his son Sherman hurtle back in time to explore history. But when Sherman breaks the rules of time travel...

£5.50/£4/£15 Family Ticket
Friday 18 April, 11am & 2pm
Saturday 19 April, 11am (Autism Friendly Screening)
Saturday 19 April, 2pm
Tuesday 22 April & Wednesday 23 April, 2pm
Thursday 24 April, 11.30am
Wednesday 23rd April 2014 - Thursday 24th April 2014

Comedy drama about Gustave H; a concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, who is wrongly jailed for the murder of a wealthy client in the midst of a battle over a priceless painting.

Featuring an all star cast but pay attention, blink and you’ll miss them!

Wednesday 23 April, 7.30pm
Thursday 24 April, 2.30pm & 7.30pm
Friday 25th April 2014

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An exciting piece of live theatre, developed in partnership with the National Rural Touring Forum that takes a poignant, funny and insightful look at multi-cultural Britain.


Friday 25 April, 8pm
Saturday 26th April 2014

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Set in the vibrant tropical jungle of India and adapted from the original Rudyard Kipling story this production dramatises Mowgli’s journey to maturity. With loving care from all your favourite...

Saturday 26 April, 2pm
Saturday 26th April 2014

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Nine Below Zero’s founding members, Dennis Greaves and Mark Feltham go back to their roots with an intimate old style acoustic blues set.

These will be the first blues shows the pair...

Saturday 26 April, 8pm
Thursday 1st May 2014

Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes (James Bond: Skyfall, American Beauty) returns to the National Theatre to direct Simon Russell Beale (Timon of Athens, Collaborators) in the title role of Shakespeare’s tragedy.

An aged king decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters,...

Thursday 1 May - 7pm
Friday 9th May 2014

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Finding Joy uses visual performance and a vibrant original soundtrack to tell the moving story of an 80-something woman and her grandson.

When Joy starts to forget things, grandson Danny...

Friday 9 May, 8pm